Thursday, July 22, 2010

Truth in Towing Signs

Note the fine print on the bottom of this sign. We know they meant to write "ticketed," but "ticked" is so much more accurate.

A truly honest sign would read: "Violators will be ticketed and ticked when they see the size of the towing bill."

In other quibbling, we have never liked the "owners' expense" construction, even properly apostrophized. Who is the owner? Of the car? Of the business? Of the dog that peed on the nearby fire hydrant?

Why not just say, "Your car will be towed and you'll have to pay the fee?" 

Thanks to Paula B. for the photo.


Barry Leiba said...

Well, the real problem isn't the "owners'" bit, but the antecedent: it's not the "violators" that will be towed, but their cars (or Suburban Tanks, or whatever they drive). That shows up clearest in the sign I sent you a while ago (which I'll probably stick on my blog soon), which says, "Persons parking here for any other purpose may be towed at their own expense." Kicking and screaming, no doubt.

I'd have no problem with something like "Unauthorized vehicles will be towed at [their] owners' expense."

Martha Brockenbrough said...

Excellent point, Barry!

Missy said...

I may be the only sewing nerd reading this, but I find it hilarious that the error is "ticked" for a quilt company.

Andygirl said...

I apologize for leaving this in a comment, but I lack the skill to find an email. THIS is out of control and I knew you would find it deliciously wrong: