Thursday, September 20, 2007

Veglexia: Do You Have It?

We read this today and chuckled:

Casting a spell over broccoli
By JEAN WHITE - North Shore Times

Broccoli. That's what bothers me.Well not broccoli exactly after all it's nutritious and basically non-threatening to anyone over the age of 12.

It's the fact that no one can spell it.

You look at the sign outside your local vegetable store, what does it say? Brocolli? Broccolli?
Or do you live near that really gifted signwriter who spells it borcoli? My computer is already doing overtime with red underlining.

Unfortunately this vegetable spelling disability (which I will call veglexia) does not stop at mere broccoli alone.

Have you bought any califlower lately or aspragus? Or how about corgettes? (Okay I'll help. Correct spellings are cauliflower, asparagus and courgettes.)

I'm one of those (the only one maybe) who surreptitiously (phew, spell that one!) rubs out the wrong letters on chalk boards especially if they announce avacadoes at two for a dollar.


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