Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Read Our Ellipse...

This snippet from an AP story shows why newspapers *really* need to use maledicta:

NEW YORK — A former New York Knicks executive at the center of a sexual harassment lawsuit repeatedly complained to a friend from work that coach Isiah Thomas had berated her with foul language, according to trial testimony Tuesday.

"What are your job responsibilities, you ... ho?" Thomas, with an obscenity added for emphasis, told former vice president Anucha Browne Sanders in 2004, according to the secondhand account of her friend, Jeffrey Nix.
What does that ellipse stand for? We just don't feel the truth has been reported here.

Just for kicks, we'll reprint our maledicata key, which allows you to use punctuation to create a whole host of naughty words:

Vowel substitutions
A = @
E = #
I = !
O = Ω
U = ¥

Consonant substitutions
C = ©
F = #
H = *
K = <
L = £
P = ¶
R = ®
S = $
T = +
W = π

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