Thursday, March 29, 2007

SPOGG Has a New Hero

SPOGG's hero of the week is Sarah M., working to save our language from Spokane, WA. She writes:

I found it necessary to write a short letter on behalf of SPOGG on the evening of Monday, March 25.

The offense: "Hero's: Ronald Reagan, Ninja Turtles, & Tony Bennett" (as in "who are your hero's?"

The offender: Spokane Community Colleges, Whitman County Branch.

The delivered message went something like this:


You may wish to keep in mind that the plural of “hero” is “heroes,” as in, “We all have our own heroes.” It should never be confused with the singular possessive, “hero’s,” as in “The hero’s cape got caught in the engine.”

The plural possessive, finally, is spelled “heroes’.”

Please keep these spelling differences in mind when interviewing future students of the month.

Our congratulations to the 2007 winners so far this year.

On behalf of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar, Sarah M--.

By the way, exceptional students this year have been:
Jan: Chris Woo, Shawn Druffel
Feb: Trudie Weis, Marcus Cola

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