Thursday, January 25, 2007

Is There a Full Moon?

An interesting spelling choice in this AP story:

Yahoo Pulls News Discussion Feature
The Associated Press

Got an opinion? Keep it to yourself.

Yahoo quietly pulled a discussion feature from its news site in recent weeks. Before, readers were allowed to post comments on individual news stories. The message boards were suspended, according to a note from Yahoo's general manager for news, Neil Budde, because they allowed "a small number of vocal users to dominate the discussion."

Commenters on Yahoo message boards are not a mild mannered bunch they can range from thoughtful and articulate to downright luny. Comments on any random Yahoo news story might have included bizarre rants about the war in Iraq or odd observations about Jon Stewart's hair.
Usually, one sees loony, not luny. Perhaps because we're far from lunatic, we prefer the whimsy of the former spelling. We suspect the Associated Press Style Guide does as well, but we're feeling too lazy to look it up.

P.S. We'll avoid the usual debate about "got" vs. "have." We've got no problem with "got," even though here, have would have been the more melodious choice.

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