Thursday, January 13, 2011

Long Live the Queen

We are still grieving that a Neiman* Marcus was built atop the smoldering bones of our childhood Dairy Queen. We love Dairy Queen. We love the soft ice cream. The whimsically named Dilly Bars. The Peanut Buster Parfaits. The crazy way they cling to the sort of anachronistic word "brazier" even though it's really close to "brasierre," and even though Dairy Queen could be used as slang for a top-heavy girl and it's crazy, crazy, crazy to have so many boob-joke possibilities on one sign. (Wow. Sorry for that breathless almost run-on sentence. We maybe need to eat some lunch.)

We do not, however, admire the boob who got the spelling on this sign wrong. "Do to" should've been "due to." That said, we're glad they're opening again soon, so that Alex F. who sent us this photo, won't have to wait long to enjoy a delicious Blizzard.


Barry Leiba said...

Oh, Martha, one can't have too many boob jokes. I think my fave of all time was when Time magazine (or was it Newsweek?) referred to the Meese commission as "big boobs".

Anyway, don't we think there's something... I don't know, ironic... fitting... which is it?... about a place called "Brazier" being closed do/due to fire?

Ah, yup.

dbs said...

Dairy Queen is the devil. But I stop there every time I can anyway.

ChildsPlay said...

That one was a real hooter.

Martha Brockenbrough said...

Maybe they meant to write "closed to do fire." It's always nice when arsonists give us a little warning first.

Also? 58008. Turn your monitor upside down for some hilarity!

Barry Leiba said...

I once saw this vanity license plate on a car: 3M TA3

(Hm. The CAPTCHA to accept this comment is "predie". How does one pre-die, exatly? Hm.)

Martha Brockenbrough said...

Barry, ha! And we are all pre-dieing. Such is the condition called life.