Monday, July 06, 2009

You Get What You Pay For

Cynthia F. sends this Craigslist ad along. Would you hire Rachel to write your paper?

Wow, it is shaping up to be a beautiful summer. Who wants to sit inside writing a paper when the weather is this great? I will if you pay me.

I've already earned a B.A. in English and would love nothing more than to write your paper for you. Depending on the length, subject, research involved, and the due date, you and I will arrive at a price, though it is safe to say I would charge around $10-$13 dollars per page ($5 for the bibliography page). Just send me the essay requirements and I will get back to you within a couple of hours. If I honestly cannot complete your paper, I will let you know. I promise to deliver a paper which is: tailored to your specific assignment; written entirely by me (and I am darn good at writing college essays); completed on time; properly cited; and earns you at least a "B" (not my fault if you turn it in late or make changes to the paper, however!) I also promise complete discretion. The business you and I conduct is between us, no one else. You will not turn in this paper and get in trouble. No plagiarism--the paper will be well researched and written by yours truly.

Email me for more information. I am happy to provide writing samples as well as feedback from other students who have utilized my service. We can chat on the phone as well, or hook up in South King County if you’d like to meet me first, see some samples, or view my illustrious English Degree (graduated summa cum laude). The more secure you fell, the more likely you are to utilize my service, and the more likely you are to return or recommend your friends!

I will also edit your paper if you've already written it. This is a cheaper service, and the price depends on the degree of editing you are looking for, but I would charge anywhere from $3-$5 a page. Heck, I'll even tutor you.
This costs a bit more....$25-$35 per hour.

Method of payment: Paypal or Western Union. Cash or cashier’s check if meeting in person.

Hit me up! Thanks--Rachel

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